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Having trouble printing and your nozzle is clogged? Rapid Builders provides you with this complete set of nozzle tips, including everything that will help you solve problems with your 3D FDM printer, regardless of the diameter of your nozzle.

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How to release the extruder:

1. Heat the extrusion nozzle to a minimum temperature of 210 ° C.

2. Ensure the correct diameter of the nozzle installed on the 3D printer (0.4 mm is standard on 3D printing).

3. When the nozzle is hot, insert the tip inside the nozzle.

4. Release the inside of the extrusion nozzle with a few up and down movements toward the nozzle.

• Package contents

• 13 0.4 mm cleaning tips

• 2 cleaning tips 0.5 mm

• 2 cleaning tips 0.15 mm

• 2 cleaning tips 0.25 mm

• 12 cleaning tips 0.35 mm

• 1 ESD 13 flat pliers

• 1 tweezers with ESD 15

• 1 microfiber cloth

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