Deft Resin Nylon Like

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The viscosity of Nylon-Like Tough resin is high, it is recommended to print at a temperature of 25C or above. 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Are you looking for a resin that has great flexibility, strong with impact resistance? Then this is the resin for you.  It maintains a good balance between hardness and impact resistance and is an ideal choice for making strong but flexible functional parts. Such as brackets, bases, and parts that require handling the load without changing the shape.

Nylon-Like resin can be printed on LCD and DLP printers, it has excellent colors, a very smooth surface, and strong and precise high resolution, and has good fluidity, allowing the model to be printed and cured quickly. 

It works great either by itself or mixed with other 405nm UV resin. This resin is best when used with a high-quality FEP film-based vat.

Mechanical Properties
​Shore D 82
Tensile Strength 62Mpa
Young’s Modulus 2050Mpa
Elongation At Break: 44%
Heat Deflection Temperature: 70C
Shrinkage 1%
Viscosity 780 CPS

Nylon Like: 1KG/ bottle

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Category: 3D Printers MSLA
Warranty: 1 year
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