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FIBERLOGY EASY PLA 175 085 Black side
€30,10 incl. VAT

EASY PLA is a basic material for 3d printing. The filament is quite durable. Its properties enable printing very precise and complicated elements. EASY PLA may be used for...

Code: 1235
FIBERLOGY PET G 175 085 Black side
€75,30 incl. VAT

With PET-G properties you can make more functional prototypes and end-use parts. This is possible thanks to its rigidity, which is better than that of ABS. Thanks to glycol...

Code: 1234
FIBERLOGY NYLON PA12 175 075 White side
€60,20 incl. VAT

Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures, alcohol and chemicals, Nylon PA12 is particularly useful for mechanical and technical applications. It is extremely durable,...

Code: 1233
FIBERLOGY BVOH 175 050 Natural side
€100,40 incl. VAT

This water-soluble BVOH filament allows for printing complex models. The postprocessing involves immersing the print in warm water. As a result, BVOH supports completely...

Code: 1232
FIBERLOGY ABS PLUS 175 085 White side
€40,10 incl. VAT

ABS PLUS is a multifunctional material for desktop 3D printing, recommended especially for prototyping models thanks to its special properties such as increased hardness and...

Code: 1231
FIBERLOGY EASY ABS 175 075 PureTR side
€40,10 incl. VAT

EASY ABS is an easy-to-use filament that offers the ability to print using open-chamber printers and also allows you to achieve transparent, yet durable prints. The finished...

Code: 1230

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