Tiertime UP300 D

Brand: Tiertime
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205 × 255 × 225 mm   Two Extruders


Detailed information

Product detailed description

 Tiertime UP300D is a desktop 3D printer with a double extruder for users who are looking for exceptional 3D print quality. It is able to print from a selected filament simultaneously with a water-soluble filament (PVA) in order to produce functional parts and the most complex 3D FDM prints requiring many supports. It also has a new type of double-sided printing plate, perforated on one side and glass on the other. It combines innovations and improvements to the well-known functions of the "UP" series (UP300, UPBox +, UP Mini 2 ES ...), which contribute to the reputation of Tiertime solution reliability.


50 microns (0,05 mm/layer)

Print volume
205 x 255 x 225 mm

Až 200 mm/sec.

Compatible materials



Two Extruders

This 3D printer with two extruders can simultaneously print different types of filaments (ABS, ASA, PLA, ...) and water-soluble carriers (PVA, HIPS, ...), which allows the production of components with complex internal geometries. Soluble support supports can be easily removed by rinsing with water.





Double-sided replaceable printing surfaces


The UP300D 3D printer is equipped with a rotating double-sided plate. The first, the glass side is preferred for 3D printing without rafting and serves to obtain a perfectly smooth base side of the model. The other side is a perforated plate. It significantly increases the adhesion of printed models and is ideal for 3D printing of large geometric parts printed with heat-sensitive ABS plastic fiber.








HEPA filter + Carbon filter


The Tiertime UP300D 3D printer features a dual air filtration system specially designed for its large print chamber. The air is filtered by a HEPA filter and a separate activated carbon filter, which significantly reduces toxic emissions. The HEPA filter promises 99.95% efficient filtration of ultrafine particles.








Tiertime Print Queue


This feature allows multiple users to send print-ready files from different sources to the same device via USB / WIFI / LAN. Sending files to print files from various sources to a 3D printer can be complex and time consuming. If there is only one 3D printer in the office and more designers want access to it, they will have to constantly monitor the machine. Users must wait for files to be sent to the printer and printed, which can take hours. Tiertime Print Queue allows multiple users to send files to the printer at the same time. The printed files are updated in the print queue.



UP Studio 3.0 slicing software




With UP Studio 3.0 print preview software, you can easily configure your prints!

You can place your 3D model in the ideal direction for printing,

configure layer thickness, define fill in an object, and more.

This software also allows you to convert a 2D image as a 3D file.




Technical specifications



Dimensions of Tiertime UP300D


500 x 523 x 460 mm
Weight 30 kg
Package weight 42.5 kg
Technology MEM (Melted Extrusion Modelling)
Extruder Single/Dual
Max print speed 200 mm/sec
Print Volume 205 x 255 x 225 mm

50 - 400 microns

Filament diameter 1,75 mm
Nozzle diameter 0,2 mm / 0,4mm / 0,5 mm / 0,6 mm ( 0,4 mm pro dvojitý ectrudér)
Printing platform Swivel: perforated, glass / heated
Calibration Automatic
Double filtration system HEPA and active carbon V2 filter
Tiertime Print Queue Yes
Filament end detection Yes
Pause to change filament Yes
Compatibility with other materials Yes
Version UP Studio Version  3.0
Supported files up3, .ups, .tsk .stl, .obj, .3mf, .ply, .off, .3ds, .g code
Compatibility Windows 7 SP1 or later, Mac OS X, iOS 8.x/9.x

WI-FI, ethernet, USB cable, USB key

Max. extruder temperature 299 °C
Max. base temperature 100 °C
Ambient operating temperature 15 - 30 °C
Storage temperature 0 - 35 °C
Power consumption
AC Input


240 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz]

Consumption 220 W



Additional parameters

Category: 3D Printers FDM
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 42.5 kg
Brand: Tiertime