Peopoly Phenom Noire

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11972 phenom noir 13
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Comes with new upgrade 7K (400 EUR value). 

6 Month Warranty

Print volume: 293 × 165x 400 mm

Resolution: 45 um

Technology: MSLA 3D Printing  

Printer Size: 45.2x36x4x78cm

Vat Volume: 2.5 kg

Detailed information

Product detailed description

3D printing with resin / resin for high-quality large prints with higher operating speed. In a build chamber of 293 x 165 x 400[mm] and with a resolution of 45µ, you can create large models from various materials.
Reliable 3D printing with perfect surface quality and excellent display of detail.
MSLA technology is a combination of an LCD transparent panel that is illuminated by a system of diodes. This creates an image of the curing layer. MSLA has high precision and is many times faster than most other resin 3D printing technologies.

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Category: 3D Printers MSLA
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 55 kg